Step 6 of the PW Hiring Process

You are currently viewing Step 6 of the hiring process at Pet World Lawrence.

1. Learn more about our rehoming center
2. Apply online
3. Complete text interview
4. Complete phone interview
5. Complete observation and prescreen
6. Complete video chat

If the prescreening staff recommends you, chances are very good that you will be accepted into the apprenticeship program.

Remember, there are no shortcuts to Step 6. Tim and Sherry have owned PW since 1988 and they know a lot of people in the area. You might know them, their kids, or even be related. But because you'll be working with the staff, not the owners, the decision to advance you to Step 6 belongs to the staff. Recruiting the best candidates is a staff responsibility. Ownership will not let applicants bypass any steps in the process so if you reach Step 6 it means you were recommended after your prescreen. Well done!

At this point, applicants have been narrowed down by about 90%. That means only 10% of applicants receive a face to face interview and most get in if they reach Step 6 so relax! You're doing great!

Step 6 will either be in person or via video chat (through facetime, whatsapp, zoom, etc.). During the face to face interview, applicants are expected to do more than simply answer questions. We want a meaningful conversation. Sharp, intuitive applicants should anticipate what to say and when to say it, freely sharing relevant information. We expect a warm, friendly attitude, superior communication skills, with exceptionally good manners that come naturally. Whether in person or video chat, dress casually, wearing whatever makes you feel great. Do not feel a need to dress a certain way or hide piercings, tattoos, etc. Have you seen our staff? Nobody cares if you're goth, prep, a jock, into body art, have purple hair, or dress like a total nerd - as long as you are kind, friendly, and approachable. Just relax and be yourself.

At the end of the interview you will either be thanked and dismissed, invited back via text by 10pm that night after we've had a little time to think, or invited right there on the spot to begin Orientation.

Why not put on the good show for the interview? Because we're not hiring the 15 minute interview performance; we're hiring a long term paid employee to serve the needs of our community. Besides, we'll see right through it. Ask anyone who has been interviewed by us. Conducting thousands of interviews in the past 30 years has taught us a lot. We're kinda like Profilers by now. (Just kidding, mostly.) The Pet World experience is part compassion, part education, and part performance. Putting on the good show is what we do on the sales floor to keep customers happy. Behind the scenes we teach transparency and authenticity and expect you to be yourself.

Be real. Seriously, BE REAL. Even if faking your way through an interview gets you the job, it won't keep you the job, so please don't bother. We need to see that you are comfortable just being yourself and confident enough to open up and share honestly. It's not unusual for applicants to laugh and even cry during the face to face interview and THAT'S OKAY. We deal with living things, people, and their beloved pets. You must be comfortable being compassionate in order to do what we do every day.

7. Complete online orientation
8. Begin paid online training
9. Begin paid apprenticeship
10. Complete paid on-the-job training and officially join the team!