Step 10 of the PW Hiring Process

You are currently viewing the 10th and final step of the hiring process at Pet World Lawrence.

1. Learn more about our rehoming center
2. Apply online
3. Complete text interview
4. Complete phone interview
5. Complete observation and prescreening
6. Complete video chat

7. Complete online orientation
8. Begin paid online training
9. Begin paid apprenticeship
10. Complete paid on-the-job training and officially join the team!


LEVEL ONE is little more than careful observation. The apprentice stays close to their trainer and may attempt some hands-on work but mostly is simply watching and learning, trying to keep up. Level One apprentices are the lowest paid and only work before and after hours to learn opening and/or closing procedures. Level One apprentices never leave their trainer’s side and do not interact with customers or guests.

LEVEL TWO is a partnership with your trainer, working side by side and sharing the work equally as you learn. Level Two hours pay slightly more than Level One but remain low paid because a well paid trainer is still required to be with you at all times. Level Two apprentices mostly work before and after hours to improve opening and/or closing procedures. Level Two apprentices never leave their trainer’s side and do not personally interact with customers or guests.

LEVEL THREE is when the apprentice demonstrates steadily increasing independence, needing only occasional guidance, redirection, and supervision. Level Three pays a little more per hour as long as the apprentice is consistently working more independently with every shift. Level Three apprentices may request longer shifts that extend into business hours. While wearing an Apprentice in Training badge, Level Three apprentices may engage in light conversation with customers and guests, careful to never provide counsel that has yet to be formally taught by a Trainer. Many apprentices spend a good deal of time at Level 3, especially in the more complicated zones.

LEVEL FOUR is what we call a cleared apprentice who can work independently for extended periods, only occasionally needing supervision from a distance. You're not completely graduated yet at Level 4 but you will be soon. When apprentices can consistently work without a extra, scheduled trainer and only need back up for technical information that has not yet been taught on the job, the Level 4 apprentice will qualify for indefinite employment and can be added to the set schedule as hours become available.

Level 4 apprentices may carefully engage customers and guests without wearing an Apprentice in Training badge but many feel more comfortable wearing it. Apprentices need to be at least L4 in at least one of the primary zones to begin orientation training for Zone 7 Dog/Cat Supplies (following the same levels of progression). At that time you may also observe one Buddy Bath (at Level 1), and observe one Kids Program (at Level 1). Those observations must be completed as soon as possible and are required in order to completely graduate the apprentice program.

Usually after about 100 hours of apprenticeship training, after reaching Level 4 in most areas, as long as part time positions are available, apprentices may be offered a permanent, part time position with a higher hourly wage, PTO, and other employee benefits. Additional raises can be earned as often as three times per year as employees learn and grow.