Step 5 of the PW Hiring Process

You are currently viewing Step 5 of the hiring process at Pet World Lawrence.

1. Learn more about our rehoming center
2. Apply online
3. Complete text interview
4. Complete phone interview
5. Complete observation and prescreen

If you make it through Step 4 you'll be invited to come in for some observation and prescreening during Step 5. If it seems like the timing is right and we have the potential to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship, you will be given the opportunity to observe trained employees on your own time for a behind the scenes perspective into employment at our rehoming center. At that time you'll also be able to practice and discuss some of the more difficult parts of the job to rule out anything that might prevent your success.

STEP 5 IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. It may only last an hour or two but we hope it's enough for you to make an informed decision about pursuing employment at PW. We also hope it's enough for the staff to feel like you'd be a great addition to the team. At the end of Step 5 we will either part ways with no hard feelings or your prescreeners will recommend a face to face video interview with one of the company owners, usually Sherry.

There are no shortcuts to Step 6. You'll be working with the staff, not the owners, so this decision has been given to the staff as their responsibility. They will be the ones to decide whether or not to recommend you to Sherry and she never bypasses the employees. If the staff doesn't recommend you after your prescreen, Sherry will not reach out for a face to face. If they do recommend you, chances are very good you will be accepted into the paid apprenticeship program.

6. Complete video chat

7. Complete online orientation
8. Begin paid online training
9. Begin paid apprenticeship
10. Complete paid on-the-job training and officially join the team!