Step 4 of the PW Hiring Process

You are currently viewing Step 4 of the hiring process at Pet World Lawrence.

1. Learn more about our rehoming center
2. Apply online
3. Complete text interview
4. Complete phone interview

During the audio phone interview you will be asked to speak openly about yourself so please be prepared to share! Silence is not golden during a phone interview - in fact, silence on the phone will usually get you removed from the hiring process and placed in the red folder.

Why is Step 4 so important? All Pet World employees must expertly handle phone calls at work all day long. And we really mean that. All. Day. Long. The phone never stops ringing. Most applicants have smart phones and breeze through the text part but completely blow the talking on the phone part. Practice with your parents. No, seriously. Audio phone communication is a huge part of the job and very important. Inability to effectively talk on the phone disqualifies many applicants. Your grandparents were right! (Kids these days.) But, seriously, your goal during the phone interview is to make us want to meet you in person. If you are too quiet, come off sounding negative or rude, or not proactive about leading the conversation, you won't stay in the green and advance to the next round.

5. Complete observation and prescreening
6. Complete video chat
7. Complete online orientation
8. Begin paid online training
9. Begin paid apprenticeship
10. Complete paid on-the-job training and officially join the team!