Step 3 of the PW Hiring Process

You are currently viewing Step 3 of the hiring process at Pet World Lawrence.

1. Learn more about our rehoming center
2. Apply online
3. Complete text interview

If we are impressed with your online application you will receive a text message initiating a text chat with a member of the hiring team. It will be from store owner, Sherry, or our Outreach Director, Ande, or one of PW's managers. We are not slaves to our phones and don't expect you to be, either, so immediate replies by either party are not expected! However, please try to reply within 12 hours, no more than 24 hours, of each text to keep the conversation going.

We use a very simple, three color system for applicants. If you receive a text from us, you're in the green. That's where you want to stay to keep advancing. No reply within 24 hours moves your application down from green to yellow. If another 24 hours goes by with no reply your application will be moved from yellow to red and not seen again. If the text conversation goes well it will end with a call for your phone interview.

F.A.Q. What's the purpose of Step 3?
The vast majority of our staff communication occurs via GroupMe threads and Direct Messages. We chat and/or post every day. There's no expectation of timely replies when you're off work; that is your free time. There's also no expectation when you're at work; that is your work time. (Besides, your phone is in your locker while you're clocked in.) It's important to respect the difference between personal time and work time.

We are frequently away from our phones and encourage you to unplug regularly, too. But, just like you get yourself dressed and ready for work before clocking in, being up to date on the latest info is as important as putting on your pants. While getting ready for work you don't just put on your staff shirt because that's the dress code. It's to help you prepare, both physically and mentally, and gear up. That is your preparation time. Same with staff communications. You are not fully dressed and ready for work until you are current on the latest information.

All clocked in employees are held accountable for all information that was shared prior to their shift so they must be current on staff communications before clocking in. Some employees check communications regularly, others let them pile up and catch up the night before their next shift (our most common approach). Some even wait until they're in the parking lot and catch up right before they begin their next shift (but that is not recommended). How you handle your staff communication is up to you, as long as you are current before you clock in.

To be a successful part of this staff you must be an expert at chat style communication. Step 3 is your opportunity to demonstrate how well you'll handle staff communications.

Remember, try to reply to our messages within 12 hours, no more than 24 hours, so you don't get passed by. Never let more than 24 hours go by between messages or you'll drop down to yellow. Another 24 hours and you'll drop to red and not be contacted again. You'll text chat for maybe an hour if the timing is good or maybe ongoing for two days. Hard to say. It's up to you to proactively keep the text conversation going. Simply waiting to answer questions won't keep you in the green. If the texting goes well, we will wrap it up by scheduling a good time to talk on the phone.

4. Complete phone interview
5. Complete observation and prescreening
6. Complete in-person or video chat
7. Complete Paid Internship

8. Complete Orientation

9. Begin Paid Apprenticeship
10. Complete Apprenticeship and officially join the team!