Tetrafauna ReptoHeat

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Tetrafauna ReptoHeat is the most efficient source of basking heat on the market. The Tetrafauna ReptoHeat Dual Temp Basking Heater provides two safe and easy to ways to set up and mount this innovative basking heater. The heater provides a variety of reptiles with the proper basking heat. The heaters have been dialed in to ensure that whatever pet you have, it will have the best basking heat for its needs.

Ceramic heating element is specially designed to produce and radiate the proper amount or basking heat for most reptiles. The internal microcomputer controls the basking temperature with precision, ensuring that your reptile gest the exact amount of basking heat needed to be healthy. Never too much and always just right, when used as directed.

Dual mounting options guarantee that you have the most secure attachment for your ReptoHeat regardless of the set up you have.

Dual Mode
Two modes guarantee you can properly heat your reptile. As your pet grows its environment will grow too. The Hi and Lo setting ensure you can not only heat a variety of reptiles, but a variety of environments as well.