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Pictured is a unique piece of one of a kind Slight Driftwood.  Each piece is personally inspected, hand selected, photographed, tagged, and shown with the actual image of the exact piece you'll receive. Pieces vary in size and require specialized shipping options.

Pet World's Slight Driftwood is a natural driftwood safe for use in aquariums, terrariums, and all small pet habitats including mammals and birds. Perfect for aquascaping and decorating your fish tanks, reptile enclosures, home, classroom, and office. This wood does release tannin, a perfectly safe and natural compound great for increasing the natural acidity of your tank, help regulate water quality, and improve the health of your tank's ecosystem.


Pet World Lawrence prepackaged Slight Driftwood ships may separately from other products. Because each order situation varies, shipping for prepackaged SlightDriftwood varies on your location.

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