Reptizoo Ceramic Flat Infrared Heat Emitters

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Now available, Reptizoo Ceramic Flat Infrared Heat Emitters!  These heating implements are durable and a great heat source for your pet.  A lightless heat source, these heat emitters produce infrared light which effectively heat areas beneath them.  All Ceramic heaters required at least a 4" tall fixture, and are fitted for Reptizoo Ceramic Socket Lamps and tall reflective dome lamp fixtures.

Heating Chart

Wattage 6 inches 12 inches 18 inches 24 inches 36 inches
 50 W 89.6 F
78.8 F 75.2 F 71.6 F 71.6 F
100 W 96.8 F 82.4 F 80.6 F 77.0 F
73.4 F
150 W 114.8 F 89.6 F 87.8 F 82.4 F 77.0 F


Perfect night heater for diurnal or animals that are active only during the day.

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