Honduran Milk Snake | Male Het-Snow | #080

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Pictured is a unique, individual Honduran Milk Snake. Each of our Milk Snakes are hand picked and photographed so you know what this exact snake will look like.  Honduran Milk snakes are a medium size snake and can grow up to 4 ft long.  They typically have a mild temperament, and do not mind being held.  They also require fairly simple care and are safe to hold with moderate levels of handling. 

Things to Know & Consider owning a Honduran Milk Snake:

Honduran Milk Snake are subtropical forest snakes that need a mild range of ambient temperature to stay comfortable, and a decent amount of space to grow.  Young Milk Snakes can start in a 20 Gallon enclosure, upped to a 40 Gallon enclosure once they have matured into an adult.  Honduran Milk Snakes usually hide and move throughout the day to adjust their temperature and avoid predators in the wild, so we often recommend at least one cool spot for your snake to be able to stay in, and a place to hide for both the hot and cold areas of your enclosure.  A Honduran Milk Snakes are fine with a fairly average ambient humidity, but benefit from some mosses in their enclosure that can retain moisture.  Forest wood chip bedding or Aspen shavings and ambient decorations such as natural Corkbark, Ghostwood, and other reptile safe stone and wood are great for giving more areas for your snake to move through, hide around, and interact with.  Honduran Milk Snakes primarily eat feeder rodents such as mice or rats and need a water source from a water dish which should be changed every day.

Info and Facts

  • Temperature Requirements:
    • Hot Side≈ 85-90 degrees F
    • Cool Side≈>75 degrees F
  • Ambient Humidity≈ 50% on average
  • Lifespan: 15-20 years
  • Size: depending on if male or female 4+ ft. at full length (head to tail)
  • Diet: in the wild, small live prey such as lizard, birds, rodents, and even other snakes! In captivity, live and frozen feeder rodents (up to adult mice and medium rats when fully grown)
  • Originates from the low to medium elevations of the tropical areas of Honduras and Nicaragua.

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