Corner Aquarium Filter XY-2008 | 6.5" x 3.0"

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Check out our new all in one Multi Layer Corner Filter!  Encased in a single plastic shell, these compact filters combine a mechanical sponge filter and material in the base to nurture healthy bacterial cultures to thoroughly clean and filter out dirty and toxic materials from your aquariums water.  All that is need is an air line to pump air into the filter system, providing water flow to actively filter your aquarium water while also supplying oxygen for live fish or animals that inhabit your tank.


  • Pumps oxygen into your aquarium to provide a reliable source of oxygen for your fish
  • Can be opened to easily remove, clean, or replace filter media when dirty
  • Compact and easy to place in a corner
  • Dense base to help it sink and stay submerged that also doubles as a suitable environment to help grow and nurture natural microbes that help to balance your aquarium's chemistry.

Also available in a single stack model:

Corner Aquarium Filter XY-2010 | 10.5" x 3.0"

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