AquaClear 20 (Mini) Ammonia Remover

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AquaClear 20 Ammonia Remover is ideal for new or heavily populated freshwater aquariums. It removes and controls harmful ammonia and nitrite, creating a healthy aquatic environment.

Controlling ammonia levels is critical for reducing stress on fish. Exclusively designed for use in the AquaClear 20 Power Filter. Single pack. Net Weight: 66 g (2.3 oz)

-Available in a 3 pack:

AquaClear 20 (Mini) Ammonia Remover | 3/PK

-Other sizes available :

AquaClear 30 (150) Ammonia Remover
AquaClear 50 (200) Ammonia Remover
AquaClear 70 (300) Ammonia Remover
AquaClear 110 (500) Ammonia Remover

-Other media available for the AquaClear 20 (Mini) MOB Filter:

AquaClear 20 (Mini) Foam Filter Insert
AquaClear 20 (Mini) Biomax
AquaClear 20 (Mini) Zeo-Carb
AquaClear 20 (Mini) Act. Carbon Insert

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