What to Expect on Your Adventure

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What to Expect on Your Adventure!



After your PW adventure is booked and paid in full, you'll receive directions to where you'll park and meet your guide. The location is about a 15 minute drive from Lawrence City Hall. Expect dust, mud, and steep hills up long, gravel roads. You'll be required to sign a waiver upon arrival that includes an NDA with the following paragraphs regarding the property's location:

LOCATION NON-DISCLOSURE: At no time shall participants mark, save, share, or disclose the property location in any way. Photos should be limited to just a few and photo geo-tagging must be disabled from your device. (Using airplane mode while taking photos is adequate. You can also disable location geo-tagging in your camera app.)

CRIMINAL TRESPASS: All participants must agree to never visit the property without a Pet World representative and understand that accessing the property unannounced, without permission, is trespassing.


The following paragraphs will also be on the waiver:

HOLD HARMLESS: Everyone in my family is in good enough health to hike outdoors, rain or shine, and has no known allergies to any insects or animals. We accept the risk that we may be exposed to mosquitoes, ticks, poisonous plants and indigenous, venomous snakes while hiking. We assume all responsibility for health risks inherent of a nature related experience such as this. We understand that we might get extremely dirty and our clothing and shoes may be ruined and will not expect reimbursement for damaged articles.

REFUNDS AND CANCELLATIONS: Registrations are non‐refundable the day of the adventure unless we are forced to cancel due to extreme weather. Pet World Inc. reserves the right to deny registration with a full refund if a participant is unwilling or unable to participate successfully. Participants who are disrespectful to living things may be asked to leave and banned from the property with no refund. 

You'll have the opportunity to discuss the waiver with Ande before booking (via email or phone) and another opportunity to discuss it with your guide before the hike. No hikes can begin until the waiver is signed.


Participants DO NOT need to wear masks, but should have one on their person. Our guides will also have masks on their person. If anyone in your group is vulnerable we'll be happy to wear the mask for the duration of your experience.

In the event that we need to be closer than 6ft, guides and hikers will need to pull their masks up until we can maintain 6ft distance again. 


Because these are required by the Health Department to be no contact hikes, we are unable to physically interact with you unless it's an emergency. Please provide your own insect repellent and environmentally safe sunscreen if needed. NO RESTROOM facilities are available so consider bringing a zip-lock with toilet paper inside just in case. Waste receptacles are not available. Pack it in; pack it out.


Please dress appropriately for the outdoors. If you're not great at identifying poison ivy, consider pants or tall socks. Sturdy shoes that can get muddy are important for creeks and steep hills. Hats will reduce sun and tick exposure. Always shower after spending time outdoors to check for ticks and remove possible oils from poison ivy.

6. LET'S GO!

Your adventure will begin with an easy, 10 minute walk through an open field to get everyone going and relaxed then the real fun will begin! Plan on catching frogs and soaking up the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

Your guide is there for you. Whether you'd like more conversation or less interaction, if you want us to focus our energy on entertaining the kids while you hang back and take a break, or if you'd like to lead the fun, we're happy to accommodate.



$49.95 for families with up to five children, $10 for each additional child
One-mile, guided hike on Pet World's private nature preserve, covering about 20 wooded acres, hills, fields, two creek crossings, and a rope climb (about one hour). Expect to get muddy. First time visitors should start with this adventure.
Note: An additional family might join the hike (up to nine people total between the two families) unless one family bought all nine spots.
$69.95 for families with up to five children, $10 for each additional child
Two-mile hike, covering about 40 acres, including multiple creek crossings, multiple rope climbs, more advanced wooded, technical trails, and a visit to the beloved Frog Pond (about two hours). Expect to get muddy. Not recommended for first time visitors.
Note: An additional family might join the hike (up to nine people total between the two families) unless one family bought all nine spots.
$139.95 for families with up to five children, $10 for each additional child
Up to three-hours, unlimited access field trip! Creeks, rope climbs, advanced trails, secret forts, tortoise farm, and multiple hikes! Morning and afternoon hikes can bring a picnic lunch or enjoy a campfire lunch at the all new Base Camp (AKA Camp Tortuga). Evening field trips can enjoy a picnic or campfire dinner and watch the sunset by the beloved Frog Pond! Absolutely expect to get muddy. Not available for first time visitors.

Pet World’s no-contact hikes are approved by both the Douglas and Jefferson County Health Departments during the state’s Stay-at-Home order. Participants must drive themselves to the property, and provide their own food, beverages, insect repellent, etc. and agree to maintain safe social distances from others who are not quarantining with them in their household.

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