Aquarium Filter Media | Bio Ceramic Rings | 18 oz

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Introducing Petworld Bio Ceramic Ring Filter Media!  These small ceramic rings are great for harboring beneficial bacterial colonies necessary to properly filter your aquarium.  These rings have a dense porosity, and the bacteria that live in these ceramic rings provide a balance of microbial life necessary for a healthier tank for your fish.  These microbes also help to break down toxins like ammonia and nitrite in your tank, meaning fewer water changes and a healthier ecosystem for your aquarium!  The shape of the rings also helps to distribute water flow and allow larger colonies of bacteria to in and around the ring to make a great biological filter.  They do not break down in the filter or affect the ph or chemistry of your tank, and are perfect for a freshwater setup.  Usable in filters that support ceramic bio media.

Available in single and six pack quantities.

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